2024 Caregiver Onboarding Experience Report A Re-Think is Due (2)


The post-acute care industry is at a crossroads, and managers and administrators are in the center of the storm.

Staffing shortages and high employee turnover are recurring problems that home-based and facility/community-based care know ALL TOO WELL.

When turnover strikes, everyone suffers.

High employee turnover starts with onboarding – and when you dig in to onboarding standards in post-acute care today, it doesn’t look good.

And the sad part is, nobody's talking about it. It’s a problem that has been swept under the rug for far too long. That's why we decided to take matters into our own hands and conduct a comprehensive study investigating the onboarding processes in agencies and facilities across the country.

Managers and administrators can have a huge impact on the steps their organization take to better engage, motivate, and retain their caregiving staff.

What you get when you download the report:

  • Insights: Understand the challenges facing post-acute care organizations in the current workforce shortage crisis.
  • Understanding: Gain clarity on the impact that a positive onboarding experience can have on caregiver retention and engagement.
  • Strategy: Discover actionable approaches to improve caregiver onboarding, including personalized approaches and digital optimization.
  • Data: Access real-world statistics supporting the importance of effective onboarding in the post-acute care industry.



Payroll & HR Admins Are Grappling With. . .


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Home care caregiver turnover rate2


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The study significantly advances our knowledge of what it takes to recruit and retain caregivers in today’s highly competitive workforce market. The onboarding process is fully within the control of the employer, and the study shows that doing it right pays dividends. Most notably, many of the elements of successful onboarding are simple improvements in the process that bring a real return on investment. I would encourage all of home care to learn from this study.
William A. Dombi, Esq.

President and CEO, National Association for Home Care & Hospice

A really excellent report. So much of our industry advocacy is centered on reimbursement in order to compensate direct care workers more adequately. While that issue is certainly intrinsic throughout, the report goes beyond it and offers a clear blueprint for providers to engage and support its caregivers from day one in order to set the employee-employer relationship up for success. And, many of the changes this report calls for in onboarding practices could be implemented next week. These aren’t all long-term organizational structure changes, they’re simple practices that every provider should be considering.
Jake Krilovich

Executive Director, Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts

Onboarding is an often overlooked, yet critical, part of running a successful agency. There are many great takeaways from Viventium's report that we’ve already implemented and found to make a difference in the caregiver onboarding experience. Offering our new hire packets in both English and Spanish so caregivers can onboard in their native language and using Viventium’s onboarding solution to make onboarding easy for new hires even when they don’t come into the office has made our onboarding process more efficient than ever before. The right practices along with the right technology will change the game for the industry and help us tackle our staffing challenges.
Eric Torres

Director of Operations, M&N Home Care Services

By harnessing insights from the 2024 Caregiver Onboarding Experience Report, the emphasis shifts from turnover struggles to strategic engagement. Together we are committed to helping post-acute care organizations forge a brighter path for caregivers.
Todd Austin

President, Home Care Pulse

Staffing shortages and high turnover rates within post-acute care are recurring issues in need of solutions. Our research illuminates a crucial pathway towards addressing these persistent challenges, and it begins with onboarding.
Navin Gupta

CEO, Viventium

We're excited to share insights and actionable strategies to improve caregiver onboarding. Managers and administrators in post-acute care are already overwhelmed with a multitude of responsibilities. They need an easy-to-digest roadmap for increasing caregiver satisfaction and trust, ultimately leading to higher retention rates, and this report provides a starting point.
Terra Vicario

CMO, Viventium

Rest Assured, We Have Some Remedies

Enhance the People Quotient

A whopping 83% of caregivers need at least some assistance completing their tax documentation and 25% feel the training they got on the technology they need to use is “somewhat” or “very” confusing. Empower new hires with a better, faster way to get their most important questions answered.

Get Personal

56% of post-acute caregivers feel company policies and expectations are confusing or only somewhat clear, and 36% get no help understanding company policies and expectations. Empower team leaders, managers, and HR to connect on a personal level with caregivers and allow your onboarding platform to take on the burdens of pre-boarding and overall onboarding organization.

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