Payroll & HR Built for Post-Acute Care

Payroll & HR Built for Post-Acute Care

Tailored Solutions for a Better Experience

Payroll and HR admins in the post-acute care industry face numerous unique challenges, from complex compliance requirements to managing high turnover rates and varied pay structures. In such a demanding environment, having a dedicated payroll and HR partner like Viventium makes all the difference. 

Viventium’s end-to-end platform provides a flexible approach: 

  • Complex compliance: Navigate intricate industry-specific labor laws, regulations, and ever-changing compliance requirements, reducing your risk of penalties and fines.
  • Payroll accuracy: Manage retroactive pay, multi-rate overtime, and tax calculations faster, easier, and with precision.
  • Staffing shortages: Our ATS and Onboarding solutions helps you streamline your recruitment process, reducing the time-to-fill.
  • Reduce turnover rates: Viventium offers a great onboarding experience, consistent pay transparency, and autonomy through Employee Self Service (ESS) to help you retain caregivers and staff.
  • Technology adoption: With tools designed for caregivers via ESS, Viventium bolsters employee engagement and provides greater transparency into insights.
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Flexible Software

Streamline processes, automate complex payroll calculations, and empower administrators with intuitive and easy-to-use technology.

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Expert Guidance

Our team is made up of post-acute care veterans offering expert payroll and HR guidance to improve operations and ensure compliance.

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Caregiver Centric

We built the Viventium platform around the caregiver experience to promote retention, transparency, accessibility, and engagement.

Why Clients Viventium

Every step we add to the onboarding process means we hire fewer people. We need fewer clicks to apply, fewer steps to interview, fewer papers to fill out, fewer days to do it in. So the fact that we don’t have to have them sit around and do paperwork after a 2-hour orientation is HUGE.

Eli Collier, HomeWell Cares

Viventium is a perfect blend of a great product and great service. The software itself is extremely user-friendly, especially compared to other solutions we’ve tried, and the client service really stands out.

Simon Mord, Big Apple Homecare

The addition of Viventium’s Benefits Administration module to our product suite has been amazing. We were able to cut almost all of the manual work out of our open enrollment process, giving our HR team much-needed time back into their day.

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In it with you from Hire to Retire

With Viventium, post-acute care admins navigate industry complexities with confidence, knowing they have a trusted partner dedicated to their success.

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