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The post-acute care industry is navigating through a pivotal moment in its history, with industry leaders and administrators at the center of its most pressing issue: retention – and retention starts with the onboarding of care staff. 

The post-acute care industry is struggling when it comes to delivering a great onboarding experience. By learning what these onboarding shortcomings are and ways of improving upon them, admins can create an environment that attracts new employees and encourages them to stay.

Join Viventium’s CEO Navin Gupta as he leads a panel of industry experts through our 2024 Caregiver Onboarding Experience Report, Viventium’s newly released research survey of 175 post-acute care administrators and 220 caregivers. With Viventium’s findings supplemented by the combined professional experience our panel has to offer, any post-acute care organization can learn valuable steps to better engage, motivate, and retain caregiving staff.

You'll leave this webinar with:

  • Insights: Understand the challenges facing post-acute care organizations in the current workforce shortage crisis.
  • Understanding: Gain clarity on the impact that a positive onboarding experience can have on caregiver retention and engagement.
  • Strategy: Discover actionable approaches to improve caregiver onboarding, including personalized approaches and digital optimization.
  • Data: Access real-world statistics supporting the importance of effective onboarding in the post-acute care industry.


Our Panelists

Terra Vicario
Viventium, CMO
Bill Dombi-1
William A. Dombi, Esq.
President and CEO, NAHC
Amy Guberman Circle-1
Amy Guberman
Director of Education, NAHC
Chris Fisher Circle-1
Chris Fisher
Director of Quality and Clinical Affairs, PHCA
Todd Austin Circle-1
Todd Austin
President and COO, Home Care Pulse
Hindy Spiegel Circle-1-1
Hindy Spiegel
CFO, Medical Facilities of America

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