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The modern workforce is more diverse, more digital, and more demanding than ever. Companies need to quickly adapt and build workplaces that address the heightened expectations of today’s employees, or risk being left behind.

On-demand pay is the latest employee benefit today’s leading companies are using to attract top talent, retain employees longer, and outpace competition.

According to a Harris Poll survey commissioned by IntelyCare and DailyPay, 71% of health care workers would be more likely to remain at their job if their employer offered an on-demand pay benefit. Another 64% said that if they were seeking a new job, they would be more attracted to an employer who offered an on-demand pay benefit than an employer who did not.

Viventium Pay (Powered by DailyPay) is an employee benefit that empowers employees with instant access to their earnings and greater visibility and control of their earned pay. Join us live to learn everything you need to know about on-demand pay, how Viventium Pay helps employees achieve greater financial wellness, and why on-demand pay is the future of employee pay.

Key Takeaways

  • What is on-demand pay?
  • What do employees use it for?
  • The benefits to employees
  • The benefits to employers
  • Why financial wellness is an employer’s duty, especially during economic uncertainty
  • How to get started with on-demand pay

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