Home Care Payroll and HR in PA:

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There are many nuances, complexities, compliance requirements, and challenges in the home care industry that you'll find in few – if any – other fields. As the only full end-to-end solution for caregiver management specializing in home health and home care (for both medical and non-medical agencies), Viventium is here to help!

In this webinar, you'll receive an overview of tools that will help your agency with:

  • Attracting and retaining caregivers;
  • Improving operational efficiencies; and
  • Protecting your agency.

You’ll hear from Bill McDowell, Viventium's national consultant for Pennsylvania, who will also take you on a quick tour through some of the highlights within Viventium Software.

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Bill McDowell
HCM Specialist

Hailing from Philadelphia, Bill meets with home care and home health agencies in Pennsylvania every day, helping to streamline agencies while offering an industry-specific solution. Bill will also be attending PHA's 2021 Annual Conference this November.

When he's not meeting with agencies, you can find Bill fishing, cooking, and spending time with his two dogs, Lily and Luna.