From Gross to Net: Why IS Health Care Payroll So Complex?

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Ever try to explain to a colleague – or one of your kids – what you do all day? Ever try to explain to an irate caregiver where the rest of their hard-earned paycheck is?

The American Payroll Association’s maxim, “Payroll is the reason people go to work,” correctly positions our work on its crucial, no-margin-for-error pedestal. But understanding each piece of the payroll puzzle and communicating it effectively to your executive leadership, your team members, and your employees is often challenging.

To gain insight and become a payroll subject matter expert in your company, join Viventium’s veteran compliance expert Yonina F. Shineweather, CPA, for a bird’s-eye survey of all steps of the payroll process, including:

  • Getting to gross in the health care industry;
  • Tax withholding vs. tax expense;
  • Other involuntary deductions;
  • Voluntary deductions and deferrals; and
  • Rules of net pay.

Who is this for?

  • Payroll directors and managers seeking a cohesive but concise approach to bringing new payroll talent up to speed;
  • Front-line payroll professionals needing to address caregiver and employee questions and concerns;
  • CPAs and internal accountants wanting to hone their expertise in the payroll process;
  • Caregivers and other employees looking to understand their paycheck; and
  • Anyone perplexed by that perennial question, “So, what do you really do when you do payroll?”

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