Anatomy of a Modern Day Manager

What does it take to be a successful manager in 2018?  We partnered with Aptitude Research Partners to answer that very question, by examining the results of two surveys: The HR Impact Survey 2018, and the Hire, Engage, Retain Survey 2018.  From the data, several themes emerged, and we have compiled them into The Anatomy of the Modern-Day Manager. 

Success as a manager is an interaction of many factors that work together. In fact, the evolution of the manager has in many ways mirrored the way the human race has evolved for survival. Without the five major systems the human body has developed to keep us safe, strong, and able to respond to the daily challenges of our environment, we would not be able to survive the regular challenges of human life. Likewise, as a manager today, you need a similar set of systems to keep your sanity safe, your energy strong, and your resilience-focused to respond to the challenges that we face every day.   

So, whether you’re a new manager, a seasoned vet, or even an individual contributor contemplating a career move into management, our white paper will help you assess the strength of each of your systems and give you a framework to help you continuously improve as a manager.  

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