The Hierarchy of Caregivers Needs Part 3 - Final

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Concluding our webinar series The Hierarchy of Caregivers' Needs, we bring you part 3 – Insights From More Industry Experts on Caregiver Retention.

You'll hear from 3 more thought leaders who will continue to tackle the issue of caregiver turnover: Optum’s Financial Sr. Growth Executive, Melanie Goldsmith, MHP; Inspro’s Home Care Program Manager, Joe Schaffner; and KanTime’s Executive Vice President, Kristen Duell. 

All of their expertise – combined with the knowledge provided by the panelists in part 1 and agency owner in part 2 – round out the whole picture of options and advice available to agency owners today that help reduce turnover and retain caregivers. 

In this webinar, these industry experts discuss caregiver turnover and retention as it relates to:

  • Scheduling, managing client expectations, and AMS metrics;
  • Caregiver health benefits, including FSA, and commuter benefits; and
  • The correlation between insurance rates and training caregivers.

Although this series has come to an end, we will continue to provide thought leadership to help you better manage your agency’s needs – be it with compliance, recruiting and onboarding, learning, or retaining caregivers.  

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Melanie Goldsmith, MHP
Financial Sr. Growth Executive, Optum
Kristen Duell
Executive Vice President, KanTime
Joe Schaffner
Home Care Program Manager, Inspro
Terra Vicario (Moderator)
CMO, Viventium